We get it! Learning Hungarian is hard work, especially for an adult! But, if you want to get more out of your genealogy research, more out of your travels to Hungary, communicate better with your relatives in Hungary, or be able to understand some of those old letters, written in Hungarian, that are in your house our aim is to help you! And even though it isn’t easy learning Hungarian, our instructors and your classmates will help make it more enjoyable. Believe me, learning on your own isn’t super satisfying, fun, or productive! I find that being in a community with others who share the same goal is helpful and encouraging!

If you want to grow in your Hungarian language skills, you are in the right place! We offer a variety of classes that have their own benefits. You don’t have to be a member of a Hungarian Language Class to participate in our Hungarian Dialogue Sessions or our Hungarian Language Clinic. Each of these opportunities are independent of the other, but they are related because they are all about Hungarian language!

Hungarian Language Lessons –There is no substitute for having a live instructor who can guide you through the nuances of Hungarian and gently encourage your language acquisition! Our instructors are knowledgeable, enjoyable, and skilled at providing a variety of ways to help you connect with the language.

We have daytime and evening classes available. If you are looking for a Saturday morning class (around 11am, Eastern time), please contact me right away so we can put you on the wait list as soon as we find an instructor available during that time!

If you would like to join us for Hungarian lessons, please fill out this REGISTRATION FORM and send the form back to [email protected] but, if the form is giving you trouble, just answer the questions in the body of an email sent to the above email address.

Our teaching partners are trained teachers and Hungarian is their first language.

When you are a student in our Hungarian Language Lessons, you qualify for the student rate in both the Hungarian Dialogue Sessions and the Hungarian Language Clinic!